Tuesday, 30 July 2013

An Epic Scone Fail Tip- Use The Right Flour!

At home we have two containers with flour inside which are identical. Previously I've taken from the excess bags which have been left aside and are already labelled 'Plain' or 'Self-raising'. However this week I fancied baking some simple scones. Thanks to our unlabelled canisters I got it completely wrong- Epic scone fail.
Sometimes a recipe doesn't work for some reason or another. Some blogs show you perfection- I'm showing your honesty.

Simple tip- If a recipe states "Self-raising flour" you really need to use it!

Lone male in the kitchen
My epic scone recipe fail- Plain flour instead of self raising.

What came out the oven was more like small bread buns than scones.

My recipe for scones that went a little wrong


200 grammes of plain flour (Plus a little more for dusting the baking tray)
30 grammes of unsalted butter
30 grammes of caster sugar
150 ml of milk
One egg

How I made my scones which looked like bread buns

  1. I set the oven at 220 Celsius warming ready
  2. In a food processor I diced the butter, mixing it together with the plain flour and caster sugar.
  3. Slowly I added the milk, mixing thoroughly until the mixture formed a soft dough
  4. I spooned out the dough onto a heavily floured surface and rolled into a ball
  5. I then rolled out the mixture into a large circle around two centimetres deep before cutting out rounds of around 5 cm diameter. I couldn't find a cookie cutter so I used a 1/2 pint beer tankard.
  6. I basted the tops of the scone rounds with some beaten egg- just a mild basting. 
  7. On a heavily greased baking tray I baked my epic fail scones for 12 minutes and on taking out the oven they looked like below. Not quite how I'd hoped, but they still tasted great.

Lone male in the kitchen
My plain flour scones tasted great with jam

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