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Tomato and Red Pepper Soup With Mr Singh's BBQ Chilli Sauce

Lone Male In The Kitchen
Mr Singh's BBQ Chilli sauce
At work the guys are all into foods with a real kick. A few weeks ago one of them bought in some BBQ chicken they'd made from a sauce their partner had purchased thinking it was a simple BBQ sauce. In fact it turned out to be a dynamite BBQ chilli sauce which is extremely strong but with an awesome taste. Step forward Mr Singh's BBQ Chilli Sauce.

Ever since that day we've had an affliction for Mr Singh's sauces with the occasional lunch time sampling and prior to a recent shopping trip I was asked if I fancied a bottle. It was on a £1 special offer at a local greengrocer's so I jumped at the chance.
Lone Male In The Kitchen
Tomato passata and red pepper soup with Mr Singh's BBQ Chilli sauce 
I had a real fancy for making a simple soup from scratch this week. I'd picked up a cheap packet of tomato passata at the weekend when shopping as well as having a red pepper left in the fridge. Hence making a tomato and red pepper soup and liking a bit of a kick I decided to add some of the Mr Singh's Chilli BBQ Sauce.

Ingredients for making my BBQ chilli, tomato and red pepper soup

300 ml of passata (Value passata is fine for this recipe)
1 red pepper
3 cloves of garlic
15 grammes of unsalted butter
20 ml of olive oil
250 ml of water
30 ml of Mr Singh's BBQ Chilli Sauce

How I made my simple passata soup

1. In a medium saucepan I melt down the butter with the olive oil on a medium light
2. I started by cutting and de-seeding the red pepper before chopping it along with the garlic into to relatively course pieces.
3. When fully melted I added the pepper and garlic into the saucepan to cook stirring regularly, Once the oil was bubbling for around a minute I proceeded to add the water into the pan and bought the mixture to the boil.
Lone Male In The Kitchen
Bringing the red peppers to the boil
4. I then carefully strained the fluid from the pan into a separate pan as this would form the stock I'd be using as part of my soup as it will contain all the flavour of the red peppers and garlic.
5. I proceeded to blend the cooked red peppers with an electric blender until they were almost a paste. I wanted the red peppers to add some texture to the soup. What I was left with was just short of being a puree.
6. I returned my pepper stock to the original medium saucepan and added my passata, as well as the red pepper and garlic puree to the stock 
7. Under a medium heat I then reduced my soup mixture to my desired thickness.The test was that it took a little effort for it to roll down my wooden spoon.
8. Prior to serving I stirred in 30 ml of Mr Singh's BBQ Chilli sauce to add a fiery kick. You don't have to add this if you choose not to. Worcestershire Sauce can also add a kick without the fire of a chilli based sauce but I love a real hot winter warming soup and as the weather has changed recently the chilli was much needed. 
Lone Male In The Kitchen
Tomato and red pepper soup with Mr Singh's chilli sauce
This soup is a fantastic winter warmer when served with a nice slab of crusty bread. The chilli sauce really adds a nice kick and I will definitely be making more meals in future with a touch of chilli sauce.

Thank's Mr Singh for an awesome sauce. 

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