Sunday, 4 August 2013

Getting My Simple Scone Recipe Right This Time

Unfinished scone business- All it takes is the right flour 

My simple scone recipe

Lone male in the kitchen
I believe this is how a home-made simple scone is supposed to look
Last week I made an epic scone fail by getting our plain flour mixed up with our self raising flour. This ruined my simple scone recipe and therefore I had some unfinished business to attend to this weekend in getting it right.

Lone male in the kitchen
All the ingredients to make simple scones

My simple scones ingredients

Lone male in the kitchen
Weighing out 225 grammes of self raising flour
225 grammes of self raising flour and a little extra for dusting your rolling surface
30 grammes of butter (Ideally unsalted but a little salt isn't an issue)
30 grammes of caster sugar
150 ml of milk (I used UHT skimmed milk but for a creamier taste you could consider semi or full fat)
One egg for glazing

How I got my scones right this time. Instructions for baking. 

1. I set my oven at 220 celsius warming up to temperature and greased a large baking tray
2. In a food processor I added the butter (diced), self raising flour and the caster sugar before blitzing it together to form what looks like crumbs
3. Gradually I added the milk, mixing thoroughly after each addition of milk. This will leave you with a soft, glutinous dough.
4. I spooned out the dough onto a heavily floured work-surface and rolled into a large ball.
5. I then padded the ball down to a large round of depth around 2 centimetres in height.
6. Ideally I should have then cut a selection of rounds from the dough using a pastry cutter of 5 cm diameter. I don't have a pastry cutter so used a speciality hot chocolate style tankard glass which we'd had for Irish coffees one Christmas. It worked just as good as part of this recipe. 
My makeshift pastry cutter- A hot chocolate glass
7. I placed my rounds onto my greased baking tray and then basted with beaten egg.
Lone male in the kitchen
Basting my scones with egg
8. I baked my scones for 10 minutes on the middle shelf of the oven and then served one for myself straight away with some butter and a coffee. A great way to relax. 
Lone male in the kitchen
My simple scones- Straight out of the oven and looking gorgeous.

Finally- Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. It is the British summer so we have to make the most of any nice weather we can. 

Lone male in the kitchen
Coffee and a scone with butter in the garden on a hot day