Monday, 5 August 2013

Cheddar and Pesto Pasta Frittatas- Quick Carbohydrate Fixes

My cheap and easy cheddar and pesto pasta frittatas will make a great lunchtime treat or paired with a salad will make a great filler for dinner. I find them great for a complex carbohydrate reload after a long training ride on the bike too.
Lone male in the kitchen
My Pesto and Cheddar Pasta Frittatas are a great lunchtime treat.

As a cyclist I tend to eat quite a lot of pasta due to a slightly unhealthy need for carbohydrates. Five hour plus training rides put energy demands on the body that a normal diet simply cannot provide. Therefore I tend to eat plenty of stodgy stuff like pasta and bread. Sometimes you need to have something slightly different so I saw a recipe for some pasta frittatas in a book and thought I would try my own version.

I also picked up a silicone muffin tray in the new B+M Stores that opened down the road recently that needed christening. It was a £1.99 bargain. 
Lone male in the kitchen
Weighing out 150 grammes of pasta for my frittatas

My Pesto Pasta Frittata Ingredients

150 grammes of Penne pasta (uncooked). I checked this right by 3/4 filling each of the 6 trays of a muffin tray. 
50 grammes of grated Cheddar cheese and a little extra for topping
3 Large eggs (or 4 medium eggs)
A large headed tablespoon of Genovese Pesto
Ground black pepper

How I made my Cheddar and Pesto Pasta Frittatas 

1. I set the oven at 190 Celsius (375 Fahrenheit/ Gas Mark 5), warming ready. 
2. I then cooked the Penne pasta until it was soft and ready to eat.
3. In a large bowl I beat the eggs together before further mixing in the pesto, and cheddar cheese
4. I then added the pasta to the egg mixture and stirred.
5. The mixture was spooned into the 6 muffin moulds of my silicon tray. I made a mistake of not putting the silicon mould first. The silicon moulds are too flexible when you have fluid in them and it seems to go all over the place. A baking tray gives a solid base platform.
6. I added a small sprinkle of additional grated Cheddar cheese atop
Lone male in the kitchen
Topping my ready to bake frittatas with some Cheddar cheese
7. Then I baked my frittatas for 12 minutes in the preheated oven
8. I left the silicone tray to cool for a few minutes before turning out my frittatas onto a plate.

Lone male in the kitchen blog
My plated Cheddar and Pesto Penne Frittatas

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