Monday, 26 August 2013

Visiting The Galloway Smokehouse- A Fishy Love Affair

The Lone Male On Tour- Visiting Galloway Smokehouse

It's official. I love seafood. Whether it's a seared tuna in a sushi restaurant, a Goan fish curry, Scallops served with black pudding or a fresh caught Sea Bream in a Mediterranean harbour. Whenever I have the opportunity I tend to seek out some good seafood. The Galloway Smokehouse is one of the best places a fish lover can visit in the UK.
Lone male in the kitchen
Where smoking perfection occurs- The Galloway Smokehouse
Scotland's Solway Coastline is a Mecca for fishing. From the cockle pickers to the boats which head out of the harbours in search of the days catch. The Galloway Smokehouse near Creetown has their own boat which heads out in search of the best the coast has to offer. The catch then either goes straight for sale, or heads down to the smokehouse to be prepared for sale and the delight of everyone from top Michelin star restaurants to tourists like myself in search of some good food to take home.

Lone male in the kitchen
The Solway Coastline from the Mull of Galloway. Perfect for fishing

The serving counter at the Galloway Smokehouse
Galloway Smokehouse
Lots of smoked produce. From Salmon to cheeses and sausages- All smoked on site
Galloway Smokehouse
Mackerel fresh from the latest catch 
Galloway Smokehouse
Or why not try the Flounder

Where to find the Galloway Smokehouse

The Galloway Smokehouse and Shop
Tel 01671 820354

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