Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Protein Shake Smoothie With Plums And Figs

October has seen me start to ramp up the training once again. Although I've only been doing cross-training, It's been hitting my body hard as it's so used to just cycling and running so I've been having to pay attention to my recovery needs.

This morning I had a great gym session followed by an hours Spinning class as well as a further hour of helping a friend with her training towards Spartan Race and other obstacle course runs so was in the gym for around 3 hours in total. That's a lot of exercise so I need to pay attention to my recovery needs. A nice fruity protein shake smoothie with fresh plums and figs sounded a great idea.
Lone Male In The Gym
My Plum, Fig and Banana Smoothie Made With Banana Protein Shake

Ingredients for my Fig, Plum and Banana Protein Shake Smoothie
One Banana
Two. Fresh Figs
Four Plums
Two spoons of Banana Whey Protein Powder
500 ml of cold water.
Fresh Banana, Figs and Plums make a great smoothie combination. 
How I made My Protein Shake Smoothie
There's no rocket science behind making a good protein shake smoothie. I simply removed the banana from it's skin, cut the figs into smaller chunks and removed the stones from the centre of the plums and added the whole selection of ingredients into my smoothie maker. I then proceeded to blend the ingredients together for a good twenty seconds before pouring into a large jug to serve from.

Out in the garden- My protein shake smoothie with figs, banana and plums.

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