Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lone Male Reviews Segafredo Espresso Classico Coffee

One of my guilty pleasures when I'm out shopping is good coffee. When I bought my first home the first thing I ordered was an Espresso Coffee Machine. Family thought I was mad an it would simply end up not being used but I think they misjudged just how much I love a good coffee so coffees like Segafredo Zanetti's Espresso Classico are my cup of tea!

Having just booked a trip to Sardinia, one the things I'm really looking forward to is getting a good espresso coffee so what better to review than some Italian espresso coffee.
Lone Male In The Kitchen
Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Classico Coffee
On a recent trip to Tesco, whilst meandering down the coffee section in search of some more espresso coffee I spotted what appeared to be a new brand on special offer: Segafredo Espresso Classico. I've seen signs for Segafredo coffee when I've been out before but don't believe I've had the pleasure of tasting it so I thought it was worth trying. The price said £4.99 reduced to £3.49 and considering Lavazza Espresso was £3.69 anyway so it seemed worth a try especially considering it comes in a very nice looking jar I will be able to re-use too.

The jar comes with a handy no-piercing required pull for ease of getting into the coffee without it ending up wasted over your work surfaces.

When tested in a double espresso the taste was smooth and rounded. Segafredo Espresso Classico is one classy tasting coffee. It has a volume and strength to it which feels tempered by it's smoothness to create a wonderfully easy to drink espresso.

I'm off to Tesco now for another tin while it's still on special offer.

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